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The Nancy Drew Files

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This information helps us design a better experience for all users. To learn more about cookies, please see our cookie policy. They are often portrayed as a dysfunctional couple, who depend on the toxicity and drama of how Nancy's cases interfere with their relationship. Arguments are common between the two, mainly as it has something to do with Nancy's sleuthing, or a female in a case Nancy believes is getting too close to Ned.

However, Ned does try and support Nancy's detective work, although he is not always successful in this.

Ned broke up with Nancy at the end of Two Points To Murder , because he thought that Nancy didn't trust other people anymore, and had even started distrusting him. He says that it's time that they started dating other people.

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They began dating other people in the next book, False Moves , and hinted about a date but did not get back together officially. In possibly the most notable book of the series, Till Death Do Us Part , Ned proposes to Nancy, to keep his promise that she would be the first girl he ever proposed to.

Nancy Drew Files #36: Over the Edge - Book Review

Ned instead becomes engaged to another woman immediately after, although it is because he is using it as a cover to investigate her. A notable issue with the series is Nancy's frequent infidelity.

Although she is in a relationship with Ned, Nancy has often kissed other men who, for the most part are suspects besides Ned.