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When the helicopter rose in flight from the roof of the doomed U. For years afterward there was a widespread effort in the United States to put the Indochina experience out of mind. Senate majority leader and then ambassador to Japan, told an English radio audience:. It seems to me the American people want to forget Vietnam and not even remember that it happened.


With some of us it will never be forgotten because it was one of the most tragic, if not the most tragic, episodes in American history. It was just a misadventure in a part of the world which we should have kept our nose out of. Today the desire to forget Vietnam seems to have given way to a desire to learn about it—specifically to learn how to avoid getting involved in such disastrous misadventures again.

Increasingly one hears appeals to the lessons of Indochina—generally if inaccurately referred to as the lessons of Vietnam—in support of or in opposition to current foreign policy initiatives around the world. Thus, Senator Gary Hart, when he charged in the presidential primary campaign that former Vice President Mondale misunderstood the crisis in Central America, claimed that "At the heart of the difference is, perhaps, the lesson of Vietnam.

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I feel, I feel the rapture! David's harp.

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