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According to passengers, the train hurtled through three stations and then dramatically stopped dangerously close to the Metro ahead of it. RATP confirmed there had been a "technical incident", but said there had been no risk of collision. The train did not stopped for three stops and then stopped a whisker from hitting the train in front The fear of my life," wrote 'Thomas' on Twitter, who claims to have been in the train at the time. But there was no risk of collision between two trains when it did finally stop, according to the company. Roosevelt stations in the heart of Paris. The union opposes the policy of automating metro lines, saying that "only an RATP employee on board who is capable of stopping the train and driving manually can ensure the safety of our passengers".

Just two Paris metro lines are automated -- lines 1 and During last week's huge transport strike by RATP workers over pension reforms, these were the only lines which kept working normally. If that wasn't frightening enough for passengers, an explosion was also heard prompting people to run out of the Metro station. On Twitter, a person who says he was on board the train claims that an "explosion" sounded at Palais-Royal station. Get notified about breaking news on The Local. Five things to know about Armistice Day in France Eight apps that make life in France a bit easier How certain bad habits threaten the health of the French nation.

Chez Moi - 18 Sep I was on Line 1 Tuesday morning eastbound and it was behaving erratically, speeding up then down, very irregular; this was between Palais Royale and Hotel de Ville. That scared a few. I travel metro line frequently and love that it is driver less. If you're in a station with multiple lines, simply follow the signs with the number of the line you are looking for. For instance, at the Arc de Triomphe station — called "Charles de Gaulle-Etoile" — look for signs for lines 1, 2, or 6.

The only tricky thing is that you need to know which direction you are heading in.

Trains on each line run both ways, of course, so you need to know whether you're going north or south, or east or west, etc. The directions are named for the last station on that line on either end.

Paris Metro Map – The Paris Pass

Looking at Line 1 again, the directions are La Defense in the west and Chateau de Vincennes in the east. Those are easy to remember, but we can get confused on Line 7, for instance, where the directions are La Courneuve-8 May and Villejuif Louis Aragon. Luckily, the Paris Metro signage solves that problem. Before you take the stairs to your platform you'll see a sign listing the stations in that direction. So, if we're taking Line 7 to Gare de l'Est , we simply scan the list of stops to make sure we're heading in the right direction.

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Check with Booking. Search for your hotel …. There are maps in all of the stations, but we recommend you also carry a Metro map with you. You can find free maps at the stations, but virtually every guidebook also includes a Metro Map. These days, though, there are some very good digital aids. There are phone apps that give you a map and help you plan a route. There's also a great online tool that plots the best route from station to station or even from one address to another in Paris.

Read more in our guide. Those are lines of the RER, which is now being called simply train. That's fast, and all at the cost of only one Metro ticket.

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The Top 4 Ways to Visit Versailles. The 6 Best City Tours. Classic Music in Historic Churches. This means that some metro stations are closed to passengers for a certain period of time and the trains do no stop there. You can check if the closest metro station to your hotel is open or closed for works on the RATP website. It is true: Parisians have their own rules when they use the Parisian Metro! Most of the rules are based on politeness and common sense like:.

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  4. Paris by Metro — Navigating the Parisian Metro. When using the metro in Paris, check the information monitors with the status of all metro lines before taking the first train. If there is an issue with your metro line, you can look for a plan B by checking the Paris Metro Map. From time to time, you will hear some information coming from the metro loudspeakers, on the platforms and also inside the trains. Other messages, instead, are only in French and they are not that specific even for locals.

    Paris Metro Map

    What the heck are they saying? Should you worry? Here are the most common messages in French and what they usually mean:. It can come from both infrastructure referral problems and external elements like alarm signal or people on the tracks. The metro driver must go to check his condition so the train stops.

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    Start thinking about a plan B. Leave the train and look for a plan B. Be careful not only inside the trains or platforms because thieves also like busy mechanical stairs, especially when they are going upstairs: they place themselves right after you, one step below you, which is the perfect position to open your backpack. If you were walking, keep walking.

    If you have read all the chapters down to here, you know by now how to use the Paris Metro like a local. But there is more! Read the tips below for becoming a seasoned pro on using the Parisian Subway:. Are you meeting other people in the city? In Paris, it is common to meet our friends at the exit of a specific metro station.

    But what happens when a metro station has many different exists? To avoid confusions, we always meet at exit 1. Le Metro de Paris, the second oldest metro in the world only after London, has an interesting history and beautiful metro stations. Read the informative panels in French to learn about its history and some curious anecdotes.

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    Also, if you have some extra time, visit the most beautiful metro stations, you can read about our favorite metro stations in Paris here. Paris-ci la Sortie du Metro is a cool Paris Metro apps that allow you to save between minutes in the metro. How do they work? The Parisian Subway has platforms with an average length of 80m which means up to four minutes walk from one side to the opposite side during rush hour. The app then tells you which is the best position on the train back — middle or front to travel to reduce the walking time along the platform.

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    Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon. For someone who is planning to go to Paris, this post is spot on and hits the right nail, answering all possible questions, any traveller can come across during their Paris trip. The whole, validation the ticket, was something new for me, as the Delhi Metro, India, has a token system, or a card which is scanned every time you pass through the gates. I remember the first time I used the Paris metro system as a first time visitor is was pretty intimidating to figure out! This is such a handy guide. Truly helpful for some one planning to tour Paris.

    I like how you added a list of jargons to this. This is so useful! The prices there are definitely high, but cheaper than I thought they would be. I also liked to read about the metro etiquette.