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As hard as it is to leave Ginger behind, I know her children will watch over her for me. I was born on a cold winter day in the midst of the Great Depression. I grew up in the Town of Freedom with my brother Bob or did we grow up? We still enjoyed toy trains , exploring the shores of Duck Creek. Then high school and next the Marine Corps.

Frances and I raised our four children on the family farm in the Town of Osborn. After losing Frances, I found a second love, Ginger. I have been blessed with so many.

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And many very special in-laws from both marriages. When you stopped in for a visit during my antique years, you likely saw me wearing a tattered flannel shirt and patched blue jeans. Being a gentle man who lived a quiet life, it is my wish not to have a funeral. If you find yourself reflecting about me, take a walk in the country. Feel the breeze, the sun, and the gentle rains.

Grandpa's Farm Has Lots of Saws

Soak in the smells and enjoy the sounds. On a hot humid day you really can hear the corn grow. Enjoy what God has given us.

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  • We have angels among us. The family, friends, and neighbors, who show up when it snows or the grass gets too long, or your just not up to getting the mail or paper.

    Somehow they notice. They do your pills and bills, so all that stays straight. They even take the garbage out.

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    The dished get caught up and the house a little cleaner. I want to thank all of my angels. Every farmer puts his land to rest for the winter. On springs horizon it is brought back to life. God has put this farmer to rest, and with a spring in his step, Iris in hand, he walks the horizon to a new life.

    Grandpa's Farm Has LOTS of Saws

    David will be laid to rest with a graveside service at 2 p. John Parish Cemetery, Seymour, with Fr. Bob Kabat officiating. Muehl-Boettcher Funeral Home, Seymour, is assisting the family with arrangements. See more here. This is awesome Cheri! I loved reading every word. Your grandpas obituary was so cool, sad and special. The family tree was so neat that you went back 5 generations. Your email address will not be published. Comments This is awesome Cheri!

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    Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Stardew Valley Store Page. Global Achievements. I saw the note he left and saw a few people talking about it Showing 1 - 6 of 6 comments. He comes back as a spoopy ghost and rates how you've done so far.

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    But it doesn't really matter, and you can also continue playing afterward regardless of what he says. Some people got salty about him calling them out on not doing so well. I could post some of the things he rates you on if you want. He appears to judge your farm and your accomplishments. Thing is, considering he didn't accomplish anything in the farm despite having it for a lot of years, he's a very poor judge and his criteria for being sucessful are quite high.

    You can still play normally though.

    It doesn't change anything as far I'm aware. Also for the record ConcernedApe is aware of the issue and is working on improving it. Rather than making grandpa nicer, I think we should be able to send him to hell to where he belong. Grandpa was an idiot. As you can see some people got extremely salty over him giving them a bad score. It isn't too difficult to achieve what he wants you to.

    As long as you go for master angler and completing the museum that is, because they tie into another thing that gets you another point as well.