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Is it really a ghost story? Who cares?

'I see dead people': Feng shui masters reveal secrets of our 'third eye'

Parry concentrates on the tragedy of Okawa primary school, which lost all but two of its children. Many of his descriptions will haunt you: for me, it was the bereaved parents training themselves to operate mechanical diggers so they could excavate silt and mud for the bodies of their children long after the official search had given up. It concerns the grief of President Abraham Lincoln for his young son William and is an entertaining and heartbreaking reminder that grief afflicts the poor and the mighty in equal measure.

Dark Matter by Michelle Paver This wonderful adult novel from the author of the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness proves what an endlessly inventive writer she is. It opens, like many another ghost story, with the discovery of a journal, in this case written by Jack, a wireless operator on an Arctic expedition that takes place in as the clouds of war are gathering in Europe. The group set up camp in a remote bay, but as the polar winter and endless night close in around them, they realise they are not alone …. The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold This story from the afterlife narrated by the ghost of a year-old murder victim was an instant bestseller when it was published, and was made into a mawkish but still affecting film by Peter Jackson starring Saoirse Ronan.

Susie Salmon watches from her own personal heaven as her family grieve and the police fail to catch her killer. Have they simply fallen on hard times like so many aristocratic families of the postwar era, or is there something more sinister going on?

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Waters takes her intimate knowledge of Victorian gothic and combines it with all her usual skill to create something both knowingly traditional and utterly modern in its portrayal of family secrets and class. Set in the sinister Eel Marsh House, cut off from the world entirely when the waters rise over its causeway, a solicitor called Arthur Kipps tries to unravel the affairs and deadly history of the house and its owner, the deceased Mrs Drablow.

But the woman in black will haunt him forever. As we got up the dirt road that wound up to the castle. We parked the cars, got out , it a fire and drank some beer. After a half-hour we began to hear chanting and chains rattling. One of the girls started to go into a seizure. Three of us tried to move her to no avail. It was like she was nailed to the rock. Then the chanting stopped. The girl came around. I had a friend who lived near Clinton Road.

The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo

It pertains to what was transcribed on the walls of Cross Castle and how a historical fact about the writing will reveal that a Satanist movement was using the area for their practices. It was a nice afternoon in We decided to get our packs, a tent, and a rifle to spend the night up in the woods. When we came upon the castle we were amazed, as always, at how it stood out in the woods. We entered it and were shocked to learn that someone had put up two huge boards with words spelled out in red paint.

Who Are These Spirits?

The nature of the writing intrigued me so I copied down what the walls proclaimed, and my friend snapped a picture. What was once scribbled down in my youth was now revealed as one of the writings of Anton LeVay of The Church of Satan! I went to a local book store to match my journal with the Lex Satanicus. The Satanists who practiced there were not a joke, but a local grotto of people using dark forces to bring forth their evil reign. Now when I go to Clinton Road I look at everything in a different light. A demolition crew came in and destroyed the castle, and all that remained was the basement.

On the walls were old Satanic scripture. This baffled the demolition crew because there did not appear to be any entrance to this area of the castle. I have actually taken three trips to the castle. The first time we found the castle by accident. We wanted to see if the rumors were true.

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One of my friends did so. She became stiff, and ran out of there. She said she saw something in her head — a little boy being slaughtered. We decided to get the hell out of there. We realized that my other friend had dropped his wallet on the trail. We headed back there around 11pm. I was nervous about going back, so the other people did without me. My friend once again started gagging. About a month ago, my sister, her husband, my boyfriend and myself decided to take a ride down Clinton Road. We started from Route 23 and it was around AM.

It was an oppressive feeling like just pure evil and I definitely believe that something would have happened if we had just kept going. I heard this is where the animal sacrifices take place. They want you to get out of the car to kill you or eat you. Just turn around and floor it. This thing was damn big in the sky, and was hovering over the trees about feet in the air.

See a Problem?

My friends and I always said we would pull over if we saw a UFO, but we were too scared. After about 5 minutes, it disappeared and we took off. It was mad low in the sky and was so big that it looked like it could fit a small army in it.

Then, in the blink of an eye, it was gone. We were at Clinton Road one night. As we went further we saw lights. Hundreds of them, on both sides of the woods — blue ones, red ones, white ones.

We got so freaked out. As we went 75 miles per hour on this 35 mile per hour road, the lights would keep up with us. If we stopped in the middle of the road, they would stay there on each side. Suddenly, they vanished. The environs surrounding Clinton Road have always been home for a variety of wildlife, some species wilder than others. Black bears and poisonous snakes have always been present in these West Milford woods, and more recently coyotes have become a feature of the landscape. I never thought that my first trip to Clinton Road would be horrifying.

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As we were turning, in the bushes appeared to be a grayish whitish wolf with red and yellowish eyes. Later on, NO JOKE, my friend told me about his first trip where he also saw a grayish whitish wolf with red and yellowish eyes running in the bushes. I get scared every time I go down the road that leads to that area, because the one time I went down there a strange figure chased our truck out of Clinton. When I got a good look at it, I screamed and told my friend to drive faster. It was a dog of some sort, but it was floating, not running. They were both freaked out.

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After once through this 10 mile road nothing had happened.