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But most of the time I left the coupon function alone. You can sort by category, but there is no search function for the available coupons which is a bit of a pain. Swagbucks has three free games that let you earn up to 10 SB per round for playing.

51 Easy Ways For Kids To Make Money Fast | Compounding Pennies

All other games shown in Swagbucks Games require you to pay to play. There are plenty of free games to play on your phone or the computer.

With all these ways to earn Swagbucks, how can you boost your earnings without rotting in front of the computer for a few bucks? Well, Swagbucks has implemented some cool, quick ways to earn a bit more. Swagbucks has a browser plugin from which you can search, watch videos while multitasking, enter Swagcodes, and activate rewards for online shopping. Adding this plugin earns you 1 SB a day each day that it is installed. Follow Swagbucks on social media and download the app on your phone to be notified of hidden Swag Codes. These codes highlight offers and give you the opportunity to earn 2 to 8 SBs just for entering the code.

Once or twice a month, Swagbucks releases a new Swago board. Swago is a bingo-type game where you activate certain squares by completing different actions. Then, you earn bonus SBs for completing different patterns on the board. You can usually get at least 25 SBs just by visiting all the sites in one row of the board. Given that the prize for the entire board is often just to SBs, it is probably not worth the expense unless you actually need a discounted gift card for some regular purchase.

And even then, check Gift Card Granny first! Swagbucks has an eight-item daily to-do list that includes accessing many of the different ways to earn each day. Most things on the daily to-do list only earn you a few SBs. Three of the eight Daily Poll, Daily Search, and Deal of the Day only require you to click the item on the to-do list and launch the next page.

Each day, Swagbucks sets a goal number of SBs for you to earn. There are two levels, each offering a few extra SBs. These can boost your earnings by 25 to SBs. Once a year on your birthday you receive a 55 SB discount on a gift card redemption. You have to use it within 30 days of your birthday though, so you have to make sure you have a redemption during that time.

Swagbucks Refer-a-Friend program can be another great way to generate extra SBs during the month without even having to spend time on the site.

51 Easy Ways For Kids To Make Money Fast | Compounding Pennies

For each new friend you refer, you earn a SB bonus if that friend earns SBs before the 1 st of the following month. This means if your friend earns SBs, Swagbucks will also credit your account 50 SBs at the end of the month. So, this silly digital currency is great and everything, but how do you actually get your cash out?

The most popular way to redeem SBs is via gift card.

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  • 51 Easy Ways For Kids To Make Money Fast?

Swagbucks is connected with popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Visa, Starbucks, and more. When you go to order your preferred card, you will be asked to verify the order either via email or by answering your security questions. Once the request is accepted, it can take up to 10 business days to receive your gift card code. However, this often happens much faster.

I received mine after just four days. Your other option is to get a cash deposit into your PayPal account.

Get Paid $25 Dollars In Under 30 Minutes With FusionCash – Complete Guide

Then you can use your rewards for anything! This takes 10 to 14 days and there are stipulations. Swagbucks will only send the payment to a PayPal account with the same email with which you registered for Swagbucks and your first and last name must be an exact match. There are some horror stories out there of people racking up thousands of SBs, only to see Swagbucks ban their account. And while this usually meant me playing on my computer while Papa Fish and I watched a show in the evenings, the hourly pay is still pretty low.

If you are going to commit your time to it, make sure you are getting the most out of that cash.

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  4. Below is a huge list of companies over 90! I wish we could've researched this more but that just wasn't feasible. Before you sign up for anything, please review my post about how to spot a mystery shopping scam plus the Federal Trade Commission's tips. This list contains places where you can get a freelance job directly as well as marketplaces specifically for freelance writers. We avoided specific sites with a few exceptions for very large, very stable companies like Cracked and College Humor because these can change all the time.

    51 Easy Ways For Kids To Make Money

    Outside of smaller or more specific jobs, like transcription or tutoring, you can find freelance work online as well. Many people earn supplemental income as a virtual assistant or performing other non-specific administrative work. Web search engines constantly compete for your business and some of them have resorted to paying you. Years ago, I joined Epinions and wrote reviews of products I liked. The model was simple — write a review, get paid a little for every page view and every commissionable sale the review generated.

    It was a fun little foray into the Internet and getting paid to write about a product seemed fun. Epinions was later acquired by eBay and shuttered in That has not stopped a whole new set of companies to appear offering similar things. Sometimes you get free stuff, sometimes you get paid.

    It's my best recommendation for decluttering hence the name! With books, you just enter in the barcode or ISBN and they'll give you a value.

    It takes minutes to find out how much your stuff is worth and you don't have to register or anything to price things. Bookscouter Another site worth checking out is BookScouter , which will check the selling price on 55 different vendors. The list will include the offer price, how they pay Paypal, check, etc.

    There is also historical prices too in case you want to review trends. You may be able to get more for your book by selling it as a used book on Amazon, so be sure to double check that price. I hate junk mail but did you know you can sell it?

    How to Make $50 Fast (Get Fast Cash Today)

    These are companies that will, in some way, turn your mail into money. Stock photography has become a big business and you can list your work on a lot of sites, earning a nice little income for yourself. Some sites will take all contributions, others will require you to apply, submit samples, and be accepted.

    For example, iStockPhoto. You can submit Photos, Illustrations, Video and Audio but you will need three samples of your work. Shutterstock , on the other hand, doesn't have a formal application process and anyone can create a contributor account. You retain copyright for your work and are paid each time your photo is downloaded based on a schedule. Do you have an old phone, tablet, or other piece of electronic equipment you aren't using? See if you can turn it into cash! There are a lot of services online that will let you instantly see how much your old electronics are worth and many are easy to use.

    I've looked up the value of a good condition iPhone 6 on Verizon, 64GB, Space Gray, and listed it below next to each of the sites. Price quote is from the end of March. Have you heard about PewDiePie? Jenna Marbles? How about EvanTubeHD? They all make hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars a year through Youtube. It's insane. I decided to find out. They deposit it into Paypal or send egift cards. They gave me some bonus points for filling in my information, then I tried to fill out the surveys. I signed in on SJ. But they wanted my phone number. I completed all my profile surveys and each one gave me 10 points.

    The pop up box is still trying to get my phone number. I declined and tried some surveys instead. I got to complete a survey.

    It took 20 minutes and gave me 45 points. It was very strange and it seemed like a political ad. It kept asking me if I was aware of certain reforms.