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Storm Giant. Gibbering Mouther. Clay Golem. Flesh Golem. Iron Golem. Stone Golem. Green Hag.

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Night Hag. Sea Hag. Hell Hound. Invisible Stalker. Dust Mephit. Ice Mephit. Magma Mephit. Steam Mephit. Mummy Lord. Guardian Naga. Spirit Naga. Black Pudding. Gelatinous Cube. Gray Ooze. Ochre Jelly. Purple Worm. Rust Monster. Shambling Mound. Shield Guardian. Minotaur Skeleton. Warhorse Skeleton. Vampire Spawn. Ogre Zombie. Awakened Shrub. Awakened Tree.

Axe Beak. Black Bear. Blink Dog. Blood Hawk. Brown Bear. Constrictor Snake. Death Dog. Dire Wolf. Draft Horse. Flying Snake. Giant Ape. Giant Badger. Giant Bat. Giant Boar. Giant Centipede. Giant Constrictor Snake. Giant Crab. Giant Crocodile. Giant Eagle.

Magic Flutes and Enchanted Forests: The Supernatural in Eighteenth-Century Musical Theater

Giant Elk. Giant Fire Beetle. Giant Frog. Giant Goat. Swarm of Insects. Swarm of Poisonous Snakes. Swarm of Quippers. Swarm of Rats. Swarm of Ravens.

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Winter Wolf. Bandit Captain.

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Cult Fanatic. Tribal Warrior.

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  7. Arktis Berge Wasser. Ancient Black Dragon.

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    I harvest the Black Dragon.. Ausgewachsener Schwarzer Drache. Adult Black Dragon. Black Dragon Wyrmling. Young Black Dragon. Ancient Blue Dragon. I harvest the Blue Dragon.. Adult Blue Dragon. Blue Dragon Wyrmling. Young Blue Dragon. Ancient Green Dragon. Adult Green Dragon.

    Many Are the Dead – All New Raven’s Shadow Novella

    Young Green Dragon. Green Dragon Wyrmling. Ancient Red Dragon. I harvest the Red Dragon.. Adult Red Dragon. Red Dragon Wyrmling. Young Red Dragon. Ancient White Dragon. I harvest the White Dragon.. Adult White Dragon. Young White Dragon. White Dragon Wyrmling.

    ARK Annunaki #048! Drache in der Box! - Poison Drake zähmen im Singleplayer!

    Ancient Brass Dragon. Adult Brass Dragon. Young Brass Dragon. Brass Dragon Wyrmling.