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Over a series of six attractive and inviting double pages, featuring little children just like its readers, and with the help of numerous flaps, it explains simply but very clearly just what stars are. From basic information — that stars are bright dots in the night sky — through close ups and just the right level of detail, it teaches children a huge amount, and gives them a really good understanding of what stars are.

The flaps are just the right size for small hands and good and sturdy too, and make the gathering of information even more fun. A really effective first book. Opinions on what dinosaurs looked like have changed a lot recently, and instead of imagining them as big lizards with muddy-brown or green scales, palaeontologists now think that they may have been brightly coloured, and that lots of them had feathers. A host of dinosaurs parade across the pages of this handsome information book, beautifully illustrated by Matt Sewell.

Each picture is accompanied by paragraphs of text, full of interesting and often surprising information on these extraordinary creatures. Lovely to look at, and packed with facts, this will have huge appeal for dinosaur fans young and old. This handsome, large format information book provides a fascinating introduction to the world of bugs meaning the entire class of insects.

Readers will gain a good understanding of insects in part one, from what they are to how they live; the book then looks at the different type of bugs in closer detail, picking out creatures such as the bullet ant or giant mesquite bug to explain more about their senses, defence, life cycles. Illustrations show the insects larger than life in eye-catching colour, but each is noted with its actual size too.

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Scientific terms are used throughout, all clearly listed and explained in a glossary. Attractive to look at, this is well thought-out and inspiring. Bright, attractive and cleverly designed, this first atlas invites children to travel the world in a book, introducing them to the seven continents and their natural features as well as to the people living there.

Using a mix of photos and colourful graphics, it presents a great deal of information in a very inviting and accessible way. Packed with interesting and useful information on a range of important subjects areas, from geography a section called Around the World , to music, natural history, space and architecture, and filled with bright, appealing illustrations, this book will keep curious youngsters entertained for hours.

In each subject section there are facts on early discoveries through to up-to-date information on its current state or new developments and all presented in tempting bite-sized paragraphs of text. Contained within its pages is a complete superhero training course. An unusual information activity book that cleverly mixes science learning with the allure of superhero-dom.

I am so excited to finally be able to share the next one in the series, The Superhero Handbook, with you. Now not only can you learn how to draw superheroes and create super comics, but you can learn everything you need to know to BE a superhero too!

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The book contains all you need to set yourself up as a superhero, from finding your secret identity to employing a sidekick, plus 20 innovative activities to help you do everything from making yourself invisible to learning to defy gravity. This is a scrapbook with a difference. Yes, readers are asked to record the usual information about themselves, from their height to what kind of house they live in to their dream holiday, but it also tests how ambidextrous they are, and how embarrassing Mum is.

With flaps to lift on every page and friendly little robots providing the explanations and information, this book will help anyone understand how computers work. Readers meet some very strange creatures in this strikingly illustrated information book. Full page colour illustrations by Paul Daviz present the creatures in all their weird and wonderful glory.

Children will be amazed at how practical and fantastic the natural world can be, and inspired to protect the animals featured, many of whom are threatened by the creature described on page 46, the human. This is a perfect book for anyone who likes gazing up into the skies above our head and wondering … A foldout, concertina poster format allows readers to soar billions of kilometres above earth and explore our solar system; floating , kilometres up is the moon, a bit lower are astronauts and cosmonauts working hard on the International Space Station.

Beneath the Karman Line, the imaginary line that marks the start of space, the skies are just as busy with man-made machines and birds flying on their journeys.

Eye-opening, mind-expanding! With large flaps on every page, short accompanying explanatory sentences and attractive illustrations, this is a great book to introduce children to nature and the natural world.

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Focussing on the forest and its animal and plant life, the book is divided into six sections: plants, animals, pondlife, insects, habitats and baby animals. Indeed, each page is full of interesting information and provides a starting point too for further conversations about nature.

  • Dolphins: Fun Facts & Amazing Pictures by Janet Evans.
  • L’Art, Entretiens Réunis par Paul Gsell (French Edition).
  • Endgültig Nichtraucher!: Mit 52 Motivationstipps endlich die Sucht besiegen (German Edition);
  • Dolphins: 101 Fun Facts & Amazing Pictures (Featuring The World's 6 Top Dolphins)?

Innovative and inclusive, The Barefoot Book of Children empowers young readers to learn about the different lives of children around the globe. This is a wonderful celebration of all the things that make us unique and different, yet expresses how each individual is just the same in their hopes, fears and dreams and the fact that they all have a story to share. This is a very important book to share with children and perfect for raising a gentle discussion about diversity.

To ensure that the text and illustrations would be as sensitive as possible, the co-authors then consulted with an entire team of specialists, including a child development expert and the diversity specialists at Inclusive Minds. To order direct through Barefoot Books please click here. Starting with the Arctic tern, which makes the longest migration of any creature, an astonishing 91,km 57, mi this journal-sized book is full of information on extraordinary feats of the animal world. It describes more amazing migrations, via land, sea and air, and also looks at the way animals have adapted in remarkable ways to survive in inhospitable landscapes.

As non-fiction for children continues to set new standards in imaginative, information-rich design and eye-catching illustration, this is a book that inspires, entertains and enthrals. This animal guide book takes an unusual approach: it is presented in the form of a scrapbook completed by the author Louis Thomas as he travelled the world studying wildlife, and he and his friend Joe appear on lots of the pages interacting with animals a note warns children not to try this at home! Their enthusiasm for the various creatures shines through, and the book has a very warm and engaging tone.

The watercolour and ink illustrations are very appealing too and often show Louis and Joe in some unusual situations! A quirky information book that is lots of fun to read, as well as being full of interesting facts. One of our Books of the Year May Book of the Month Attractive, friendly illustrations and an interactive approach make this a fun introduction to dinosaurs. In tune with the detective theme it comes with its own magnifying glass too. Dreamers, leaders, fighters for our rights Learn how these heroes from history changed the world in this inspiring book packed with hundreds of incredible facts.

Who will you choose as your hero? No wonder then that the book is so varied, full of all sorts of interesting information presented over appealing, colourful pages. There are a couple of simple but tasty recipes to follow too. Fun and informative.

All About Owls for Kids: Backyard Bird Series - FreeSchool

Download a map of the world featuring some of the most popular dishes across the globe. How many have you tried? One of a number of titles in the Academy series. A Science in Action section explains the different processes involved in excavations. Full colour throughout and with a useful glossary, this will inspire young palaeontologists. It was also fascinating to work with the artists, from around the world, who created the life-like 3D artworks of the animals featured in the series. Every year new fossil discoveries are made, or advancements in technology allow us to gather more evidence from bones that were dug from the ground decades ago.

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This means the books are just jam-packed with the latest information on these incredible animals. From seeing T. Imagine: you're flying high over the Himalayan mountains, on a journey filled with danger. The temperature is far below freezing, the air is thin, and golden eagles swoop out of the sky to attack you. This is just one of the 20 incredible migration stories in this book.

Animals of all shapes and sizes make epic journeys across our planet, through harsh weather, avoiding hungry predators, in their efforts to survive. Travel around the globe with some of the world's most incredible animals and discover their unique migration stories. Follow the emperor penguin through snow, ice and bitter temperatures; watch as the great white shark swims 10, km in search of seals; track huge herds of elephants, on their yearly hunt for water and be amazed at the millions of red crabs, migrating across Christmas Island.

With stunning colour illustrations, uncover the astonishing migrations of 20 creatures, in this truly inspiring narrative. Follow the amazing migrations of these 20 creatures: Arctic tern, barn swallow, bar-headed goose, ruby-throated hummingbird, osprey, wandering albatross, whooping crane, emperor penguin, African elephant, blue wildebeest, caribou, straw-coloured fruit bat, humpback whale, green turtle, Southern pilchard, salmon, great white shark, monarch butterfly, globe skimmer dragonfly, Christmas Island red crab.

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How Does a Lighthouse Work? Modern technology may have changed the way that lighthouses work but still their USP remains the same: to deliver a light as far as possible to forewarn sailors of potential dangers.

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  4. This a terrific book to share with inquisitive children and the combination of stunning illustrations and interesting text makes this a well worthwile read both at home and to use in the classroom. We all want our children to be happy and resilient, but may not realise that they can be taught skills to make them happier people. Written by a psychologist with the charity Action for Happiness, this book explains ten keys to happier living and sets out practical, fun activities for children to do that will make a real and lasting difference to their lives.

    The text is friendly and reassuring, broken down into easily accessible paragraphs or charts while bright graphics with animated characters make it attractive to look at too. Each of the ten chapters has tips for children to use in their everyday lives, including a section on developing mindfulness. Happiness really matters, and the more children and adults who read this book, the better.