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Have you ever noticed how much your dog loves life? The head goes out the car window and all the smells of life rush in as the ears flap in the wind. Because your dog thinks the best of you.

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Dogs accept you and love you unconditionally. Imagine if everyone was like that?

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We live in a world of worry and stress. Most concerns never even eventuate! Cyrus never worries.

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Because he trusts us to fulfill his simple needs. Imagine if all of us had that sort of trust in the one we love?

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  • All of us have failed at something. Sometimes those failures come back to haunt us. In this program we take Cyrus back to the scene of his greatest failure to see how he will cope. The result may surprise you.

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    Cyrus is a typical Labrador. Indeed, dead rats, mingled with live rats, who mingled with dogs who had been eking out an existence there for years.

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    Once she surveyed this sordid scene, Eden couldn't choose which dogs would have a chance at new lives in Canada. They were all living in abject misery.

    Since then, Dog Tales has taken responsibility for all dogs. Over the last two months, it managed to relocate 90 within Israel. Another 25 have made the journey to the Ontario sanctuary. And remain.

    Dog Tales Rescue

    But that shelter is undergoing a transformation thanks to a team in Israel assigned the task of making it habitable, while veterinarians administer to the animals' immediate health concerns. The goal is to bring all of the remaining dogs to Canada. And that mission is already off to a promising start. Among the early 25 arrivals, more than half have already been adopted. Their diet no longers consists of bread.

    They are learning to trust again. Want to help? Consider signing up to give one of them a forever home.