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But Frank wanted some old friends there, too. His longtime concertmaster, lead violinist and occasional conductor Felix Slatkin had had a fatal heart attack on February 8th He was only The Concert Sinatra sessions were set to start on February 18th, and Frank had lost not only his principal violinist but his 'cellist, too, Slatkin's wife Eleanor. She was distraught, and befuddled, and lost. Frank wanted her on the date to help her understand that life went on.

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And finally, I said, 'Okay,' and I broke down completely When Richard Rodgers wrote with Lorenz Hart, the music came first and Hart fit his lyrics to Rodgers' melodic imagination - hence all those flamboyant rhyme schemes. It's very difficult writing words without notes: it can all come out a bit tumty-tumty. So Hammerstein liked to have a pre-existing tune in the back of his head to give him a metrical pattern to write to. It was usually some old vaudeville number from the beginning of the century, but in the case of "I Have Dreamed" he wrote it as a waltz:.

He didn't tell Rodgers that, of course, and so the composer came back to him with a much better idea. Riddle is sensitive enough not to bury and overblow the tune, and his writing for Vince De Rosa's French horn is exquisite. The final section is a perfect meeting of voice and orchestra. It's so right for him you wonder why he didn't record it at that original King And I session back in There's a very good reason for that: it hadn't yet been written.

I am convinced that this is our best work.

I have a kind of humble feeling of not knowing how we did it. It has more wisdom as well as heart than any other musical play by anybody.

It will remain 'modern' long after any of our other plays. Frank Sinatra didn't especially get on with Richard Rodgers, but he respected the pair as America's greatest musical dramatists and in February of he was so eager to record the finest songs from what, whether or not it was "our best work", was certainly a landmark score. Poor Frank made just one mistake: He should have waited till they finished it.

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I Have Dreamed

Tweets by MarkSteynOnline. Stordahl asked Zildjian to provide Frank's drummer Johnny Blowers with a set of miniature finger cymbals for the first of the King things: Hello, Young Lovers, whoever you are I hope your troubles are few All my good wishes go with you tonight I've been in love like you Young love, you'd think, ought to be more giddy and carefree: I know how it feels To have wings on your heels And to fly down the street in a trance The first LP from this duo crates a sonic portrait of a world wracked by climate change.

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I Have Dreamed

City Of Palms For Whom You Cry A Certain Slant Of Light Winter comes, walking heavy over the sun, scraping away the remains of delicate life. The memory of warmth is overcome with the reality of snow and ice. Tags drone; guitar experimental Livermore. O scales of feeling. I have dreamed of you so much that surely there is no more time for me to wake up.

I sleep on my feet prey to all the forms of life and love, and you, the only one who counts for me today, I can no more touch your face and lips than touch the lips and face of some passerby. I have dreamed of you so much, have walked so much, talked so much, slept so much with your phantom, that perhaps the only thing left for me is to become a phantom among phantoms, a shadow a hundred times more shadow than the shadow the moves and goes on moving, brightly, over the sundial of your life.

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